Sunday, August 15, 2010

those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

Summer is pretty much over but its not too late for my Aug 15th quote challenge at

If you are done with summer and want to check out the weekly challnges at Cramfest 2010- you can "crack the books" with us at for more awesome scrapbook giveaways! See you there!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

organization is a beautiful thing...

I cleaned out my scraproom. Finally. It wasn't like I threw away a lot of stuff from there. Mostly I changed how things were arranged- I worked really hard to make it a useable space. I just need to be able to get home from work, do what I need to do to keep the house going, then sit down in the scrapspace and have fun!

Take for instance...half used packages of Thickers. OK, those take up a lot of room. Sure, they can be altered, or combined with other Thickers for a funky look. But if they have been sitting around for three years then it was Bub-bye!

Quick kutz 2x2's. Gathering dust. I am way more in love with my sizzix steel rule dies that take up five times more space because they cut chipboard and felt! So Bub-bye little quickutz (my sister in law wants you)

Chipboard nightmares. Oh I cannot resist a pack of raw chipboard, especially the Basic Grey shapes and letters. I was using smaller sterlite bins and it just wasn't working out. So I bought one large bin that fit the same space as the two smaller and it was WAY better. I pulled the chipboard that I adore and set it right next to me. Yes! I want to USE product not wonder where I put it. Bub-bye to containers that are too small! You are worse than no container at all!

Weird ribbon. My ez-pull bag did not work because I overstuffed it (I guess)and there was a weird huge tangle in that bag that scared me.I wouldn't touch it. This summer I bought two cute wire dress forms (a small one from Target, a larger one from the Beverly's store in Bakersfield) and started hanging the best ribbons on those. The weird tangle I put in a drawer that I cleared out especially for that purpose. At least I don't have to look at that tangle on a daily basis. I haven't yet decided what to do with that tangle just yet. I have already started using the ribbons more often that are on the dressforms. So Bub-bye EZ pull bag!

Weird glitter bottle and Stickle storage. I had my MS glitter bottles in a basket that was way to small. I got rid of some 7gypsies punches that were taking up practically a whole drawer and moved glitter plus the glue and sealer in all together. yay! Stickles got one of the sterile bins that was too small for the chipboard. Bub-bye ugly too-small basket. You won't be missed!

Punch confusion. I put them in sterlite bins by brand. Because that's how I was trying to find them before, but they were spread everywhere. Then to my joy I realized that I had more Martha Stewart punch-around-the pages than I thought, so they got their own space. And there were some punches that were just not useful anymore. Bub-bye, punches that need a new owner!

I made this layout with paper I bought because I loved and then forgot about. I really am happy with it. I doubt I will stop buying what I love, but what I did learn was that I need to be more disciplined about cleaning and purging or else my scrap refuge will become a scrap nightmare!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alter something!!!

Come on over to and check out my challenge! You can alter anything you like! I had a great time making this jewelry box with the Echo Park paper from the Sweet Summertime kit.